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Frequently Asked Questions

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For the listed states the only requirement is to take a firearms safety training. Firearm safety training does not require shooting or even touching a gun. Our online conceal and carry training course fulfills state law by educating our students in firearm safety training.

However, we always recommend that you continue your in-person training and practice to remain vigilent in safetly and skills.

Simply register by, creating an account, and you’ll be immediately enrolled in the course.

Yes, upon completing the training, you can take the assessment and receive your certification for free, with no hidden charges.

Once you’ve registered and paid, you are ready to start the course. The online conceal and carry training video is roughly 1 hour long. Once you’ve watch the video in it’s entirety you are required to pass a short exam. In total plan for 90 minutes.

You may take your test up to three times. Once you pass the test (70% or better required), you will be able to print out your certificate on your personal printer. If necessary, you are allowed to log out and finish taking the course at a later time.

You are not required to finish the course in one sitting.

We provide a selection of high-quality gear tailored to enhance your training experience, including holsters, safety glasses, ear protection, and educational materials.

No, the training is completely free. Optional purchases from our shop for gear and supplementary materials are available to enhance your learning experience.

Yes, you will retain access to the course materials after completion so you can review at any time.

No, it is not necessary to purchase any equipment to begin or complete the training. Our course is designed to be comprehensive without requiring additional purchases.

We regularly update our course content to reflect the latest laws, safety protocols, and best practices in concealed carry weapon safety.

Please enter your code into the “apply coupon” code field. If the code is accepted, you will see that the price has been reduced as denoted in green text at the bottom of the check out screen.

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